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Technical Center of Internet submitted a bid to implement MNP service in Ukraine

Technical Center of Internet submitted a bid to implement MNP service in Ukrainian Technical Center of Internet, LLC took part in the open tender for the implementation of mobile number portability (MNP) in Ukraine.

MNP is an opportunity to fully retain your phone number, including the prefix, when changing service provider. The service will let Ukrainians not worry about the need to change a telephone number when switching to another mobile network operator.

The TCI has vast experience in providing services of registry operator. Since 2013, it administers the national Cyrillic domain .УКР.

A wealth of experience of the TCI specialists in domain industry made it possible to establish a technical system that was tested by IANA / ICANN. The TCI specialists are members and are included in the management of working groups and committees of ICANN, RIPE.

The TCI specialists developed and prepared for the implementation a software suite that provides an opportunity to organize the smooth operation of MNP.

The experience of successful operation of the domain .УКР registry enabled to make the MNP system safe, convenient and scalable. Apart from the number portability service, the TCI software architecture will allow operators to expand the range of telecommunication services so far unavailable in Ukraine.

The system fully meets all technical requirements described in the bid documents,

and for some components provides innovative solutions that make it possible to speak about world technological and technical development level, relying on equipment range – servers, routers, switches from the world’s leading company Huawei Technologies Co. LTD.

The decision was developed with regard to the experience of professional communication of the TCI specialists with world leaders in the development of similar systems – Neustar, Ericsson, iConnective and others.

The solutions that were applied from the company Huawai Technologies Co. LTD have a successful history in more than 20 countries among more than 40 million subscribers of mobile network operators.

The pricing proposal for the tender from the TCI is more than 3 times lower comparing with proposals from other companies.