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Company resources

The TCI company has following resources:

  1. the three technical platforms which have been separated territorially (in different cities of Ukraine);
  2. the subsystem of DNS-servers responding technical requirements ICANN;
  3. the complex of hardware & software (subsystem) for support of work of TLD’s Registers on the basis of EPP protocol  including the on-line interface for support of work Registrars;
  4. the subsystems of e-mail and services for interaction with Registrars (billing, WHOIS-service , etc.);
  5. the qualified experts who have more than a 14-year-old operational experience with registration and services of domain names and more than a 3-year-old practical operational experience with IDN.


The TCI company, despite the young age as the companies, is provided necessary technical and financial resources and is one of most technically developed companies in the market of registration domain names in Ukraine.